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Top Ten Tips for Online Casino Players

Want to know how you can make more money in the online casino world? Check out our top 10 casino tips for novice players:

Look into the future: Variance is a natural part of gambling and at any one time it will either be in your favour or against you. Controlling variance is impossible and for this reason you need to look beyond it and focus on making the best decisions for the situation. This strategy is easier to execute on paper than it is in reality, but if you want to become a long-term winner it's essential. By understanding that luck will swing both ways, you can begin to ignore this and always make the statistically sound play in all situations.

Manage your money: To make money in the online casino world, you need to have money, and this means managing your bankroll. Knowing how much money you have to spend is important before you sit down and start playing any casino game and once you've done this you need to manage it properly. For example, if your bankroll was $1,000, it would be suicidal to bet $100 a hand on a game of blackjack. A more sensible strategy would be to risk around 1% of your money on any one hand, which means each bet would be no more than $10.

Keep calm: Playing with emotion is one of the quickest ways to lose your bankroll. Known technically as going on tilt, it's important not to let negative results impact on your mood and thus your decision making process.

Carpe Diem: When the going is good and you're benefitting from the good side of variance it's very important to seize all the chances that come your way and make the most cash possible. The best gamblers are well aware of when to play a rush because they know better than most that luck can turn at any moment. If you're on a winning run, make sure you step up and make the most of it by raising the stakes and maximising your profits.

Take a break: Taking regular breaks is hugely important, which is why we believe five minutes away from the action every 45 minutes or so will benefit you immensely. It's difficult for anyone to concentrate for long periods of time and if you break your gambling sessions into smaller chunks, taking the time to chill out properly, you'll reduce silly mistakes and the chances of getting emotional.

Bag a bundle of bonuses: Online casinos will always try and entice customers by giving away free money and bonuses - you'll be at a big advantage if you can grab them at every opportunity. You can use bonuses to boost your hourly rate and, by aiming to clear them fast, your bankroll will soar.

Become a book worm: One of the best ways to improve your online casino skills is to learn from the experts. Over the years there have been some excellent publications on the subject of gambling and you'd be wise to read some of them. The works of skilled gamblers such as David Sklansky, Stanford Wong and Mason Malmuth are all great places to start. Not only will these authors give you an insight into gambling strategies for certain casino games, but also an overall idea of how to become a successful gambler.

Don't give up: Online gambling isn't easy. That's the long and short of it. If you aren't prepared to take the highs and the lows then you shouldn't ante up. Luck will swing in your favour and go against it and you should always remember that when you're shooting for success in the virtual arena. Don't give up!

Blackjack is better: Ask any serious gambler what the best way to make money is and they'll inevitably say: "blackjack". Because there are many ways to reduce the casino's edge in a game of blackjack, it's possible to make more cash playing this game if you're a dedicated student. One of the most famous strategies is card counting and, according to experts, this reduces the house edge by around 3%, which essentially means the game is an even contest; something you won't find with any other casino game.

...But do what you love: Having said that blackjack is one of the most profitable casino games you can play, our advice will also be: do what you enjoy. At the end of the day, gambling is a form of entertainment and if you aren't having fun then it doesn't matter how much money you make. As long as you aren't spending more than you can afford to lose, any game you choose to play should make you smile.

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